Pleasure Coach Bob Patrick


"I feel your pain... and pleasure"

Right at the start, get this: my sessions are based on mutual trust and
safe, sane activities that do not put you at risk
for physical or psychological harm.

My approach is based on pleasure rather than pain.
You''ll be teased to ecstacy or orgasm rather than beaten or bruised. 
You'll learn that an orgasm can be enhanced in many ways without insertion.


This is a time when you can let go, give up control for awhile,then return to your day-to-day life
with new physical, emotional and erotic experiences.

So don't be intimidated by the following lengthy description of my work.  (Click for more...)

Bob Patrick  310-409-6050

Note: When traveling, I can only fly with limited gear and accessories.

For a fully-equipped session, visit me at my space in West Hollywood.

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"Wise is he who is able to discern and willing to trust
the guidance of good, fair, dominant, loving men."

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